Парколот - система розумного паркування

Smart City is a modern city concept that makes cities more economical, environmentally friendly and safe for residents through the introduction of new technologies such as 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), AI, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, etc.

URBO.CLOUD technology developed by DB Logika LLC combines intelligent parking, security and access control subsystems, which allows even small villages, towns or associations of residents of an apartment building to experience the benefits of a “smart” approach to solving many daily tasks.


The Parkolot system is designed for the organization, control of entry, exit and stay of vehicles in the protected area. It can be a residential complex, public or private organization.

Advantages of the Parkolot system:

  • Ease of setting up and using existing equipment. The Parkolot system can use the existing video surveillance system and the local computer network.
Зручний додаток для розумного паркування
Зручний додаток для розумного паркування
  • The automatic number-plate recognition system is part of the Parkolot system.

    The system can use the video stream from the video surveillance system or the camera of the security guard’s tablet to automatically read the license plates of cars on the territory.

  • Additional function of displaying free and occupied parking spaces by analyzing the video stream of security cameras.
Парколот - система розпізнавання номерів
Парколот - система розумного паркування
Парколот - система розумного паркування
  • Full functionality required for parking administration..

    The system administrator will be able to get exclusive control and all the necessary information, both in general for the parking lot, and for each car separately.

  • Security guard’s workplace, implemented in the form of a mobile or web application.

    The system provides settings of the required number of security guard’s workplaces, which allows real-time monitoring of parking and control of arrival and departure of cars from the territory.