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Робоче місце командира та старшого оператора комплексного транажеру ЗРГК 2С6 Тунгуска

Military simulators


Logika Design Bureau is a leading developer and supplier of specialized software and training products designed for quality training of servicemen of various specialties.

Civil simulators


Thanks to the modern manufacturing capabilities and technological developments, DB Logika is able to implement educational projects of any complexity, taking into account the specific needs of customers and users. The original proprietary software allows you to simulate high-quality virtual environment.

Парколот - система розумного паркування

Smart city solutions


URBO.CLOUD technology developed by DB Logika LLC combines intelligent parking, security and access control subsystems, which allows even small villages, towns or associations of residents of an apartment building to experience the benefits of a “smart” approach to solving many daily tasks.

Automation systems


Combat control system of the tactical unit “Kropyva” is a system tested in real combat conditions, designed to automate individual control tasks at the level of battalion (division), company (battery), platoon, a separate unit of equipment (gun).