Training systems of combat work of air defense systems

Робочі місця розрахунку зенітно-ракетного комплексу
About systems

The use of virtual reality technology makes it possible to create means for group and individual training of crews for air defense systems and other sophisticated military complexes.

The training multimedia systems of combat operation of the BUK “M1” and S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems are designed to train the interaction and coordination of crews of these complexes without the use of flight equipment and energy emission.

Simulators of anti-aircraft missile systems provide ample opportunities for modeling massive strikes of air attack vehicles with the reproduction of operational-tactical and flight characteristics, methods of combat use of various aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, cruise and anti-radar missiles in the conditions of radar and fire suppression, flights at low and extremely low altitudes, maneuvers on the course and in a wide range of altitudes and speeds.

Air defense combat training systems can be performed as virtual simulations of workplaces on touchscreen panels, and in the form of full-fledged models that fully simulate the operation of combat systems.

Full-featured models and simulators of military equipment for testing procedures and combat operations are more expensive than complexes based on virtual reality, but allow the most accurate training of operating personnel.

Робочі місця розрахунку зенітно-ракетного комплексу
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