Strela-10 (SA-13 Gopher) Surface-to-Air Missile System crew training simulator (SA-13 Gopher)

Стріла 10
About simulator

The Simulator allows for acquiring the required skills during:

  • initial gunner’s training in search, detection, identification of the type and visual determination of parameters (range, velocity, height, course parameter) of air target motion
  • training of gunner and commander in procedures of a combat vehicle preparation for use according to its intended purpose:
        • installation of control units into initial position and performance monitoring of equipment at workstations
        • orienting of a combat vehicle
        • input of initial data into the equipment
  • training of gunner and commander in search, detection, identification, acquisition, tracking, firing at visually observed air targets both inbound and outbound, in simple and complicated background and jamming situations, both in stationary position and in motion of a combat vehicle
  • training of gunner and commander in execution of main standards of combat work

The Simulator is intended for the education and training Strela-10 Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) System crew to form and consolidate skills of management, visual reconnaissance, identification of air targets, range, guidance, shooting in different types of terrain and with different weather conditions in the classroom.

The simulator is comprised of three crew workplaces (commander, gunner, driver) and instructor workstation.

The Simulator provides for simulation of the following air targets, i.e.:

  • aircraft
  • helicopter
  • cruise missile
  • unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)
  • ground, air, background and jamming situation within the limits of −3° to +83° in elevation sectors and in 360° azimuth sectors with display of each of them in 3D
  • jamming situation in the form of organized interference (dropped false thermal targets) and natural infrared interference (sun, moon, clouds)
  • launch, flight and disruption of anti-aircraft guided missile
  • destruction (miss) of the fired air target
  • sound effects accompanying the work of a combat vehicle and missile flight
  • motion of a combat vehicle on the ground
Commander’s workplace

The commander’s workplace is designed to practice the combat skills of the commander of SAM Arrow-10 and is a workstation consisting of a Touchscreen monitor and communication equipment.

Gunner’s workplace

The gunner’s workplace is designed to practice the combat skills of the gunner of SAM Arrow-10 and is an interactive model consisting of:

  • steel frame and seat
  • target situation screen
  • auxiliary touchscreen monitor
  • aiming control panel simulation model
  • optical sight simulation model
  • communication equipment
Gunner's workplace Strela-10 (SA-13 Gopher) Surface-to-Air Missile System crew training simulator (SA-13 Gopher)

Driver’s workplace

The driver’s workplace is designed to practice the skills of driving a combat vehicle of SAM Arrow-10 and is a computer-mechanical simulation model.
The design of the computer-mechanical model ensures that the dimensions and location of the equipment correspond to the actual size and location of the main control elements of the of the driver cockpit, and provides conformity of ranges of movement, efforts, and response control gears (levers, pedals, switches) of the simulation model to characteristics of the real equipment of SAM Strela-10.

The computer-mechanical simulation model consisting of:

  • steel frame, table, seat
  • control levers simulation model
  • gear lever simulation model
  • acceleration pedal, clutch pedal, brake pedal
  • manual fuel feed handle simulation model
  • set of sensors with electronic controller
  • situation and auxiliary (with touchscreen technology) monitors (from computer equipment)
  • communication equipment (headset)
Driver's workplace Strela-10 (SA-13 Gopher) Surface-to-Air Missile System crew training simulator (SA-13 Gopher)

Instructor’s workplace

The instructor workstation designed to create situational background target environment, options for the execution of training tasks, other conditions and factors influencing the training process. The instructor monitors the process of performing tasks, with the possibility of dynamic changes in conditions and situations, as well as receives complete information about the actions of cadets.

It consists of computer equipment (computing block, keyboard, mouse, printer, acoustic system, communication equipment, piloting simulator joystick).

Specialized licensed software

Licensed software is a set of specialized programs and electronic libraries designed for modeling and reproduction of:

  • principles of operation of components, units and systems of SAM system Strela-10
  • physical laws of movement of the combat vehicle on various types of terrain, taking into account overcoming obstacles
  • simulation of training and combat conditions close to real
  • preparation and control of training tasks

The simulator software is integrated with VBS3 or VBS4, which makes it possible to simulate various training scenarios, create a variety of training conditions, including choosing the territory and type of terrain, weather conditions and time of the day.

“Strela-10” simulator
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