Mortar crew simulator

Міномет з макетами боєприпасів
About simulator

Complex simulator of mortar crew is designed for the preparation and comprehensive training of mortar operating personnel in the necessary actions during preparation for firing and firing in conditions close to combat.

The simulator is a set of mechanical and multimedia equipment, the elements of which are installed on a 120-mm mortar type 2B11 or M120-15 “Molot”.

The multimedia complex for the training of mortar crew uses VR-based visualization in combination with the Kropyva software complex.
The composition of the multimedia complex:
  • Mortar commander’s workplace, which consists of an electronic tablet, a model-simulator of the surveillance device (binoculars) and means of communication with instructor.
  • Gunner’s workplace, consisting of a model-simulator of the sighting device (mock-up of the optical sight of the mortar), visual simulation and acoustic background equipment as part of a screen with a projector for reproducing the land environment, background conditions, landmarks and aiming points (target range for fire by case II pointing, military engagement, gun shots sounds, shell bursts etc).
  • Workplace for team members, which includes a mock-up of a fragment of a mortar barrel for use with dummies of ammunition with the possibility of installing a fuse / tube, shell dressing, ability to reload, firing a shot.
  • Instructor’s workplace, which includes software and hardware (control units of initial firing data and guidance means), intercommunication system, audio system and data input/output means.
Міномет з макетами боєприпасів
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Mortar crew simulator