Mechanized infantry squad training system (virtual shooting range)

About system

Mechanized infantry squad training system is a set of automated workstations of the personnel of the mechanized infantry squad with appropriate models of weapons and virtual equipment, designed for use in training centers that train mechanized infantry units. Is used to form theoretical and practical knowledge on the conduct of hostilities as part of a mechanized infantry squad.

Thanks to specially developed software, it is possible to simulate and reproduce the principles of firing from certain types of weapons of individual crew members of a motorized infantry squad, simulation of training and combat conditions close to real, as well as preparation and control of training tasks.

Multimedia equipment includes:
  • frame of infantry tactical space room
  • instructor’s workplace
  • automated workstation of infanteer
  • helmet replica (with headset and positioning system)
  • AK-74 assault rifle replica
  • RPK machine gun replica
  • sniper rifle replica (with a model of a sniper scope)
  • equipment kit of grenade launcher replica
System allows conducting combat coordination trainings for the squad personnel within the framework of a single simulation space of a combat situation in real time. Built-in editors provide instructors and supervisors with a wide range of training opportunities: choosing the type of terrain, time of the year, time of the day, setting up allied and hostile units controlled by artificial intelligence.
Макети зброї доступні для використання з тренажером-симулятором мультимедійний тир

Automated instructor workplace

The automated workplace of the instructor (supervisor) is designed to create a situational and targeted environment, options for learning tasks, other conditions and factors that affect the training process. At his workplace, the instructor monitors the process of performing tasks, with the possibility of dynamic changes in conditions and situations, as well as receives complete information about the actions of cadets.

The instructor’s workstation consists of elements from the computer equipment (computing block, keyboard, mouse, printer, acoustic system, headset).

virtual shooting range