Forward air controller training simulator

About simulator

The technology of multimedia panoramic visualization in combination with the Kropyva software package allows to create realistic training complexes for corrective means of aviation support. This simulator is no exception and is designed to train and assess the level of training of forward air controller, training in aiming aircraft at ground targets and adjustment of air strike on ground targets.

The simulator consists of:
  • instructor’s workplace – equipped with a PC and two monitors, the training is managed from this workstation
  • workplace of forward air controller – equipped with mass-size models of binoculars and rangefinder, as well as a tablet PC with a training version of the software complex “Kropyva” installed on it
  • pilot’s workplace – equipped with standard simulators of aircraft controls and a specialized projection screen

Instructor’s workplace

Designed to coordinate the actions of the pilot of the aircraft and the air gunner, acting as the head of the operation. During the training instructor can observe the actions of the forward air controller and the air support pilot and has ability to communicate with them in voice mode using a microphone and speakers.

Aircraft controlled by artificial intelligence can also be used to conduct classes at the complex.

During the execution of the training forward air controller:


  • observes the generated audiovisual environment through the visualization system
  • can move on location in three-dimensional space and change the direction of observation in the visualization system using a game controller
  • can use simulators of the forward air controller equipment to observe the terrain and perform control measurements
  • uses a simulator of a radio station to communicate with an aviation support pilot and instructor
  • using a forward air controller tablet, can use an electronic map of the area for orientation, as well as transmit target designation data in digital form to the pilot and instructor

During the execution of the training the pilot:


  • observes the generated audiovisual situation on the monitor screen and through headphones
  • controls the aircraft with a joystick and pedals
  • negotiates with the instructor and forward air controller using microphone and headphones
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