Combat Simulation Systems

Комплекси симуляції бойової обстановки
About system

The functional purpose of the System is to simulate any environment to improve the quality of combat training of ground forces specialists (crew members of tanks, armored vehicles, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, car drivers, etc.).

Software of the system provides:

  • developing cadets’ procedural practical abilities and skills in the use of military equipment by performing practical tasks on a virtual simulator
  • formation of cadets’ tactical skills of group interaction within a single three-dimensional real-time simulation
  • monitoring the level of theoretical knowledge, skills and abilities acquired by cadets by performing packages of test tasks on different subjects

Combat simulation systems using virtual reality technology based on desktop PCs are used for tactical training, experiments and rehearsals of individual missions. Control is performed using the keyboard and computer manipulators. You can use virtual reality glasses for more realistic training.


Combat simulation systems enable conduct group sessions within a single simulation space of the real-time combat environment.

Design Bureau LOGIKA LLC has extensive experience in the creation of training classes for a complex simulation of a combat situation.