United Nations in Ukraine

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (Food and Agriculture Organization, FAO) — international organization under the auspices of the United Nations, whose activities are aimed at reducing the severity of poverty and hunger in the world by promoting agricultural development, improving nutrition and addressing food security issues. FAO acts as a neutral forum and source of knowledge and information. FAO helps developing countries and countries in transition to modernize and improve the agricultural industry, forestry and fishery.

It was with the assistance of the FAO, within the framework of The United Nations Recovery and Peacebuilding Program with the financial support of the European Union, DB Logika LLC developed and delivered the Universal Combine Operator Simulator to the Velikonovosilkivsky Professional Lyceum of the Donetsk Region.

Ukrainian Ground Forces


Ukrainian Ground Forces is a strong monolith of mechanized and tank troops, missile troops and artillery, army aviation, air defense units, special forces, logistics units, and territorial defense brigades.

Сухопутні війська Збройних сил України

For full-scale training and combat preparation of staff, Ukrainian Ground Forces training centers widely use the simulators/VR-based simulators, which can provide both individual and collective training.

Design Bureau “Logika” is one of the companies supplying the Land Troop training centers with specialized software based on virtual reality  and training systems in general.

“Desna” Training Center named after Prince Yaroslav the Wise

Десна (2)

169th “Desna” Training Center named after Prince Yaroslav the Wise specializes in the training of staff for various types of Ukrainian Ground Forces. In particular, they provide training for specialists of the tank, mechanized troops, missile and artillery troops, air defense troops.

Today, “Desna” hosts the largest training center in Ukraine, which includes several dozens of tank simulators, IFV simulators, APC simulators, and air-defense equipment simulators. Design Bureau “Logika” does not stay aside and takes an active part in its forming and upgrade.

National Guard of Ukraine


The National Guard of Ukraine is a military formation with law-enforcement functions, which is part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and is meant to fulfill the duties of protecting the life, rights, freedoms, and legitimate interests of citizens, society, and state from criminal and other unlawful actions, ensuring the public safety and, in cooperation with law-enforcement agencies – ensuring the state security and protection of state border, cessation of terrorist activities, activities of illegal paramilitary or armed groups, terrorist organizations, organized groups, and criminal organizations.

Національна Гвардія України

National Guard of Ukraine widely uses the tactical unit combat control system “Kropyva”, which helps to combine the reconnaissance, control, and fire impact means of different units into a single information field.

Design Bureau “Logika” takes an active part in upgrade and providing the armored vehicles (APC, BRDM) on the balance of the National Guard of Ukraine with communication, automation, and reconnaissance means.

Ukrainian Air Force

Ukrainian Air Force is a type of armed force meant to protect the airspace of the state, destroy enemy objects from the air, provide air support for own troops, land the airborne troops, transport the units and material assets, and conduct air reconnaissance.

So, no wonder that, for maintaining the constant combat readiness, training centers and educational facilities at Ukrainian Air Force form and constantly improve the logistics base, which includes training systems based on virtual reality.

Повітряні сили Збройних сил України