Training simulator for the operator of the portable surface-to-air missile system “Piorun” (Piorun SAM)


The simulator for training the operator of the portable surface-to-air missile system “Piorun” (hereinafter referred to as Piorun SAM) is designed for instructing and practicing the Piorun SAM operator to develop and reinforce skills in visual reconnaissance, air target identification, aiming, and shooting under various terrain and weather conditions, within classroom environments. The simulator includes the Training Mockup of the Piorun SAM, the Automated Workstation (AWS) for the instructor, and the Specialized licensed software “Training Program for the operator of the portable surface-to-air missile system Piorun SAM”.

Training mock-up of the portable surface-to-air missile system “Piorun”

Designed for honing the combat skills of the “Piorun” SAM operator, it consists of:

1. Launcher tube mock-up

2. Mock-up of the launching mechanism (with full functionality of the SAM control mechanisms)

3. Mock-up of the launcher tube authorization key

4. Mock-up of the ground power source

5. VR position tracking tracker

The launcher mechanism mock-up is equipped with functional mode selection buttons:

  • Button S/H, target selection – airplane/helicopter
  • BSL, target selection – unmanned aerial vehicle
  • Button RAK, target selection – missile
  • Button DB, weather conditions – clear day
  • Button DZ, weather conditions – cloudy day
  • Button NOC, weather conditions – night
  • Button K, control of selected functions and battery charge status
  • Button IFF, interrogation function
  • Button ZZ to disable proximity sensor

The mock-up fully corresponds to the dimensions, geometry, and arrangement of imitated components, similar to the real Piorun SAM.

Automated Instructor Workstation (AIW)

It is designed to create situational and target environments, training task scenarios, and other conditions and factors influencing the preparation process.

From their workstation, the instructor can observe the task execution process with the ability to dynamically change conditions and situations. Additionally, they receive comprehensive information about the actions of those being trained.

Using a means of collective visualization (such as a television), the instructor can reproduce important elements of the session for interested individuals.

Specialized licensed software “Training Program for the operator of the portable surface-to-air missile system Piorun (Piorun SAM)”

It is a set of specialized programs and electronic libraries designed for modeling and reproduction:


  • principles of operation of the control mechanisms of the “Piorun” SAM that the operator works with
  • comprehensive simulation of training and combat situations, closely resembling reality
  • preparation and monitoring of the execution of training tasks

Utilized in conjunction with the training mock-up of the Piorun SAM and the Instructor’s Automated Workstation.

Specially designed training exercises allow for practicing skills in engaging various air targets, including Iranian kamikaze drones Shahed-136.

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