Т-64, Т-72 tanks crew simulators

Тренажер танк
About simulators

Simulators for training crews of T-64, T-72 tanks are used to train specialists of mechanized and tank troops in order to study samples of T-64, T-72. Designed to develop theoretical and practical driving skills (driver-mechanic) and perform the duties of tank commanders and gunners. It consists of mock-ups of the main controls of the crew members’ workplaces and computer equipment of an automated workplace with installed licensed special software.

The simulator for training the crews of T-64 and T-72 tanks includes a commander-gunner’s simulator and a driver-mechanic simulator, which can work both as separate simulators or in a single simulation space.

Simulators of commanders, gunners of T-64, T-72 tanks

Designed to develop skills in working with control gears of T-64, T-72 arming with studying of sequence and correctness of actions of commanders and gunners at operating the models of the main control bodies, without reproduction of working processes, at initial stage of gunnery training.

The simulator includes:

  • Frame of the commander’s, gunners simulator with the seats
  • Cabinet for computer equipment
  • Anti-aircraft machine gun vertical guidance panel with electronic control unit and equipment control for the commander’s simulator
  • Mock-up of the commander’s horizontal guidance console
  • The gunner’s sight control panel with the electronic control unit and control of the gunner’s simulator equipment

Т-64, Т-72 driver’s simulators

Designed to develop skills in working with tank control gears, studying the sequence and correctness of the actions of mechanics-drivers in driving, without reproducing work processes, in the initial process of learning to drive.

The simulator includes:

  • Frame of the driver’s simulator with the seats
  • Control levers
  • Acceleration pedal
  • Manual drive for fuel supply
  • Brake pedal
  • Engine master clutch pedal (clutch pedal)
  • Gear switch (lever)
  • Transmission
  • Controller with sensors
  • Tank headset
Licensed software, which is an integral part of the simulator, is a set of specialized programs and electronic libraries designed for modeling and reproduction of:

  • principles of operation of units, assemblies and systems of military equipment
  • physical laws of movement of the tank on various types of terrain, taking into account overcoming obstacles
  • simulation of training and combat conditions close to real
  • preparation and control of the implementation of training tasks
Т-72 tank simulator
Тренажер навідника танка
Органи керування механіка-водія реалізовані на тач-скрін панелі
Тренажер механіка-водія танка