Simulator of BAT-2 track-layer’s driver

About simulator

Static simulator of BAT-2 tracklayer’s driver is meant to form and support in tracklayer’s driver the steady skills of preparation for movement, operation of controls, indication and alarm means, driving in various weather conditions, in summer and winter, by different terrain, day and night, crossing the natural/artificial obstacles, forming the practical skills of using BAT-2 tracklayer’s equipment – via practical tasks of the simulator.

It includes the mockup of main controls (workplace of engineering equipment driver and computer equipment of automated workplace) with specially licensed software installed.

Mockup of BAT-2 track-layer’s driver controls

The mockup is designed to form the operation skills of BAT-2 track-layer controls in cadets and trainees, studying drivers’ sequence and correct actions during driving, without recreating the work processes, at the initial process of driving tasks.

The simulator includes:

  • simulator framework with driver’s seat
  • simulators of controls, devices, and units
  • control levers (left and right)
  • fuel (gas) feed pedal
  • transmission (clutch) pedal
  • parking brake pedal
  • gear lever
  • headset with cable

Special licensed software

The software is designed to study the sequence and correct driver’s actions while driving the engineering machine BAT-2 – at the initial training stage and for preparing/monitoring the training tasks, testing the level of knowledge acquired by cadets via the test tasks.

SSW includes:

  • software for 3D modeling and combat situation simulation
  • software for generating the 3D environment image
  • software for implementing the BAT-2 functional mathematical models
  • training task editors
  • module of optional multimedia components
  • training control system
Статичний тренажер механіка-водія шляхопрокладача БАТ-2БАТ-2