KrAZ-6322 driver training simulator

About simulator

The KrAZ-6322 driver training simulator is a computer-mechanical training tool and consists of frame, interactive training mock-up of the driver’s workplace, including simulators of different controls (steering wheel, pedals, transmission switch control), computer equipment specialized licensed software. Designed to develop skills in working with control gears, to study the sequence and correctness of the actions of the driver-mechanic when driving a combat vehicle at the initial stage of training how to drive.

Used in conjunction with combat situation simulation software.

Interactive mock-up of the KrAZ-6322 driver’s workplace

It consists of simulators of controls, such as: automobile steering wheel, clutch pedal, brake pedal, accelerator pedal and transmission switch control. Depending on the customer’s needs it can be equipped with virtual reality headset. By their design, functional purpose, location and the principle of interaction with the user, simulators of controls reproduce the operation of the main controls of the KrAZ-6322, provide the appropriate directions of movement (strokes) of the working mechanisms and response characteristic of the controls of the automobile.

KrAZ-6322 driver training simulator

Licensed software “KrAZ-6322 driver training program”

The software is used in conjunction with the equipment of the simulator, which includes computer equipment and interactive training mock-up of the driver’s workplace. Designed to study and develop practical driving skills and interaction with control gears of KrAZ-6322 automobile.

The software is used to implement:

  • possibility of movement of KrAZ-6322 on different types of a surface (asphalt, sand, earth, etc.) taking into account various angles of an inclination of a surface of district
  • KrAZ-6322 overcoming various obstacles (ditch, rise, pond), collision of KrAZ-6322 with trees, buildings and other objects
  • speed and acceleration KrAZ-6322 depending on the type of surface on which the car moves, operating modes of the engine, transmission, clutch and brakes KrAZ-6322, other factors affecting the movement dynamics of KrAZ-6322
Загальний вигляд тренажеру для підготовки водіїв КрАЗ-6322
Імітація пенелі керування та виду з лобового скла автомобіля КрАЗ-6322
Процес навчання водіїв автомобіля КрАЗ-6322