Full mission simulator of the KrAZ-6322 automobile driver

About simulator

Simulator of the KrAZ-6322 driver is designed for:

  • simulations and modeling of operation of components, units and systems of automobile in terms of the driver’s work, physical laws of movement of the automobile on various types of terrain, taking into account overcoming obstacles
  • preparation and control of training scenarios and tasks for KrAZ-6322 drivers in terms of complex virtual simulation training environment, taking into account the time of the year, time of the day, weather conditions, different road surfacein the city, outside the city, in areas off-road,the movement of other traffic, traffic light, movement of pedestrians and other important elements from the point of view of educational process

The simulator includes a mock-up of the driver’s cab, an instructor’s workplace and specialized licensed software.

KrAZ-6322 driver’s cabin mock-up

Located on a dynamic platform, which ensures the adequacy of the dynamic characteristics of the car KrAZ-6322 when driving by reproducing the inclinations of the cab, reproducing the acceleration loads during acceleration and braking, when cornering, as well as overcoming obstacles. From the inside, the adequacy of the controls, dashboards, the correspondence of the equipment illumination, instrument scales, underlines and nameplates to the real KrAZ-6322 vehicle are fully observed. Designed to develop driving skills among cadets and students.

Instructor’s workplace

Designed to organize the learning process, establish a scenario of tasks and control the actions of students. Equipped with multimedia equipment that displays the view from the driver’s cab, the position and condition of the controls, as well as the view of the car in 3D camera mode.

Special licensed software

A set of software modules, each performs its own function:

  • “Combat simulation complex” software – is responsible for the formation of virtual reality in the software environment, environmental modeling (landfills), modeling of virtual combat vehicles and their controls
  • «SATURN» software (system of administration and management of distributive training) – is intended to create a database of cadets, store data about their training and its results, authorize users in the software
  • CrewSim software is used to simulate the weather conditions of the training environment and simulate vehicle system failures
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