Comprehensive simulator of BAT track-layer’s driver

Динамічний тренажер механіка-водія шляхопрокладача БАТ
About simulator

A comprehensive simulator of BAT tracklayer’s driver is meant to form and support in tracklayer’s driver the steady skills of preparation for movement, operation of controls, indication and alarm means, driving in various weather conditions, in summer and winter, by different terrain, day and night, crossing the natural/artificial obstacles, forming the practical skills of using the tracklayer’s equipment – by performing practical tasks on the simulator.

The simulator includes the BAT tracklayer’s driver’s workplace, instructor’s workplace, and specialized licensed software.

Workplace of BAT track-layer’s driver

The workplace is designed to train the driver forming and improving the driving skills, perform the engineering tasks at different types of terrain and weather conditions in the classroom. Placed in a mockup of BAT tracklayer’s driving compartment, on a dynamic platform.

By its design, mockup of BAT tracklayer’s driving compartment ensures:

  • compliance with dimensions and location of equipment at BAT tracklayer’s driving compartment
  • adequate operation of controls and control-measuring devices
  • full compliance of movement range, efforts, and the response of simulated controls (pedals, levers, switches) with features of BAT equipment
  • conformance of front panels, device panels, and devices to actual equipment, illumination of hardware, device scales, banners, and signs – in compliance with actual samples

Instructors’ workplace

The workplace is designed to arrange and effectively conduct the training, by forming the opportunity of:

  • selecting the terrain or driving range for driving exercises, selecting the terrain, weather conditions, road conditions, season, time of day, and their input during driving exercises
  • visual monitoring of simulated BAT track-layer on 3D terrain model
  • current control of trained driver’s actions, in the course of driving exercises
  • control over the drivers’ level of training – in the course of combat preparation, using the result base of trainees on driving exercises (accumulation and generalization of results during the training period)
  • input of BAT tracklayer’s equipment malfunctions and failures, during the exercises
  • communication with trained driver during the driving exercises
  • result maintenance process, which includes maintaining the trainees’ database and result database, their saving, archiving and printing the results

Specialized software

The software is designed to form the theoretical and practical knowledge of BAT operation and engineering tasks in trainees, at different types of terrain and weather conditions, in terms of classroom and to control the level of knowledge acquired by cadets – by performing the test tasks.

The following is ensured by specialized software:

  • effective training of BAT driver, within the scope of functional duties
  • simulation of BAT driver’s working process, with the potential reconstruction of practical actions
  • simulating the terrain/background (sounds of shots, blasts, etc.) in a single information environment, their dynamic changes in the course of task execution
  • simulating the driver’s actions during his functional duties, including the engineering tasks on various types of terrain
  • modeling (visualization) of engineering tasks for individual BAT and unit
  • integration into training-simulation systems of higher-level, with the ability to transfer the data on status, position, and task execution, combining the multiple similar and/or different training systems (comprehensive simulators) in a single information environment
  • an instructor can form the background and target environment, task options, weather conditions, season/time of day, meteorological, other terms and factors affecting the tasks, algorithms of changing the situation during task execution, the behaviour of nearby units and enemy (land, air, sea), civilians, etc., monitoring the task execution process from instructor’s position, with the ability for dynamic change of task conditions during its execution, termination or complete cessation of the task at any time, etc.
  • simulation of engineering tasks, accompanied by sound effects
  • documenting the task progress and results
BAT-2 track-layer driver simulator