Complex simulators of Т-72 and Т-64 tanks


Design Bureau LOGIKA LLC is engaged in the development of software for dynamic simulators of military hardware.

About software

“Complex simulator of Т-72 tank”, “Complex simulator of Т-64 tank”, software is intended for use in the training process for the training of crews of tanks T-72A and T-64, as an part of the training complex, in military educational institutions and training centers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

This software is developed using virtual reality technology, which in combination with tank control models provides:


  • control and monitoring of units, assemblies and systems of the tank
  • physical laws of movement on various types of terrain, taking into account overcoming obstacles
  • simulation of training and combat conditions close to real
  • ensuring control of the level of knowledge acquired by cadets by performing test tasks
The software is used in conjunction with the electromechanical equipment of the commander and gunner cockpit mock-up, mock-up of the driver’s cab and instructor’s workplace.