Aviation simulators

Симулятор СУ-25

DESIGN BUREAU “LOGICA” is the official representative of Prepar3D software technology (pronounced Prep’ar) by Lockheed Martin Corporation (USA).

Among the main features of Prepar3d are:

  • high quality three-dimensional simulation of air, ground and surface conditions throughout the globe and in Ukraine in particular, the choice of time of year, time of day, weather conditions for training
  • ability to simultaneously train a large number of cadets in a single information space
  • interaction with other simulators using NATO standards
  • wide possibilities of adaptation for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (addition of Su-25, Su-24, Su-27, MiG-29 and other aircraft)

Aviation simulators based on the MotionSystems.EU platform

DESIGN BUREAU “LOGIKA” and MOTION SYSTEMS (Poland) are developing a new type of aviation simulators based on the dynamic platform PS-3ROT-150 with the following properties:

  • 360 ° rotation in horizontal and vertical planes
  • innovative visualization system fully reproduces the pilot’s field of view
  • usage of Prepar3d software
  • low price compared to other types of dynamic simulators with much greater training opportunities
Симулятор СУ-25
Симуляція злітної смуги
Тренажер літака