Training simulators of agricultural, construction and other specialized equipment

тренажер ескаватора
About us

Design Bureau Logika is a leading Ukrainian manufacturer of training simulators, multimedia and virtual reality systems and special software, used for training and retraining operators of complex professional equipment in safe conditions, saving fuel and motor resources without harming the environment.


Thanks to the modern production methods and technological developments, Design Bureau Logika can implement training projects of any complexity to meet the specific needs of customers and users.

The original software of our own production allows you to simulate a quality virtual 3D environment, which, among other things, reproduces:

  • different weather conditions (rain, snow, ice slick), seasons and times of day
  • different road surface and soil conditions
  • driving with the control of traffic rulses in city and highway, considering other vehicles, traffic lights, pedestrians, cyclists, heavy traffic, and traffic jams
  • maneuvering during parking and loading / unloading operations, including trailers and semi-trailers
  • library of test tasks for construction and agricultural machinery with the possibility of assessing technical skills, following the rules of the traffic rules, fuel economy etc.


DB Logika manufactures training simulators for the following types of equipment:

  • trucks
  • tractors and bulldozers
  • harvesters and other agricultural machinery
  • loaders and cranes of different types
  • municipal transport
Тренажет Трактора
Симулятои спеціальної техніки
Симулятор бульдозера
Тренажер водіння вантажного автомобіля КрАЗ
тренажер ескаватора